How to select the lubricant in the production of PVC binding film

MYINDUSTRIAL 2015-08-07 15:15:15

Lubricants are divided into two kinds of internal and external lubricant. Key design PVC binding film formula is how to make the internal and external balance roller agent. So in the end how to distinguish between inside and outside the two kinds of lubricant? In fact, very simple, lubricant and PVC molecular compatibility better. It is mainly used to weaken the PVC primary and secondary particles cohesion, prevent PVC intermolecular excessive shear caused by friction heat is too large, accelerated melting of PVC resin, increase the melt flowability, ensure the smooth processing of resin. External lubricant with PVC molecular compatibility is poor. It is mainly used for increases machining of metal surface with PVC resin sliding or peeling, avoid adhesion of PVC resin on metal surface, the machining process smoothly.
Any rigid PVC formulations are required to be added to the internal and external lubricant, and the PVC binding film is no exception. But it is worth noting that any one kind of lubricant is not an absolute inner lubricant or external lubricant, but is weak in the external lubrication of the lubricant, and the internal lubrication of the lubricant is weak.
In addition to consider other additives such as heat stabilizer, impact modifier, etc.. According to different processing temperature, extrusion pressure and melt processing state, Yang Ming PVC binding film purchase mixture. The formula is respectively the internal and external lubricant were mixed use, generally used in imitation of the German Henkel G-16 fatty acid lower alcohol ester. The external lubricant usually uses high molecular weight of fatty acids and poly alcohol, low molecular polyethylene wax, etc.. In addition, the saturated fatty alcohol ester of the two elements has the function of anti static, and the lubrication is between the above two kinds of lubricant.PVC装订胶片

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